How Does YOKO & OKA Work

How Does YOKO & OKA Work?

Yoko and Oka insoles are scientifically designed and developed with human engineering concepts in mind to help stimulate height increment. Yoko uses acupressure magnetic therapy to help increase height while Oka insole uses reflexology to stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormones. The application of Reflexology not only makes your dream of growing taller come true but also improves your health through massaging of your feet. Acupressure magnetic therapy also increases your metabolism rate which intern prevents ageing through reducing weariness, up keeping optimum blood circulation and giving you the health and beauty effects you desire. Yoko and Oka insole products are therefore a safe and natural way to increase your height with 0% side effects compared to other height increase products in the market.
How does Yoko work?
Yoko insole product uses acupressure magnetic therapy. It uses reflexology points in the soles of the feet, also known as the areas in the skin that have channels that terminate connections to various parts of the body. the channels provide an electrical energy circulation system throughout the body. Yoko insole applies magnetic stimulas to specific acupressure points on your feet that effects the release of the pituitary hormone that intern releases growth hormone.

How does Oka work?
Oka insole helps reactivate the pituitary gland in the brain to release increased human growth hormones through massaging the nerves in the concave parts of your feet through use of reflexology. Once the growth hormone has been released, it intern spurs the growth of cartilageneous portions of the lower body bones growth hence height increase.
Yoko and Oka insoles come in the form of an insole that can be worn under your shoe and can be cut according to the size of your feet.

Guidelines for use: 
Ensure your feet are comfortably Placed on the insole. Place the most convex part of the Yoko and Oka insoles against the most concave part of your foot and cut away any extra part of the insole along the dotted line to fit your feet.
Walk at a brisk pace while wearing Yoko insole for 15 minutes in the morning and Oka insole for 15 minutes in the evening before going to bed. Make sure that the inside of your foot sole is well stimulated for best results. The insoles might feel uncomfortable in the beginning but they get better with time.
Use of exercises together with the Yoko and Oka insoles is also encouraged as if done correctly, some exercises help extend your spinal column which intern means an extra height increase. The extra human growth hormone stimulated by the use of Yoko and Oka insoles will make your bones grow thicker while exercises will make your bones grow stronger. The exercises will also help in stimulating the growth hormones and rejuvenating your bones thus making them more receptive to the human growth hormone.

Duration of Use: 
Within three months you will be able to see the results of using Yoko and Oka insole height increase. Despite this fact, It is recommended that you use it for 6-12 months for maximum results.